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January Featured Product: Lira Clinical “Clear Stick”

The ICE Line, the “Clear Stick”.

We are excited for a fresh new start to 2014! We are also excited to now offer “Lira Clinical” skincare. This month we are featuring from the ICE Line, the “Clear Stick”. This product quickly became a staff favorite for many reasons. First of many, because of the amazing ingredients, second the user friendly/ease of keeping the product handy, and third, the fast acting formulation of the “Clear Stick”.

The clear stick is perfectly designed to carry in your purse, keep in your locker or in your backpack. It is perfect acne spot treatment for when you are on the go and is always available for those emergency, “just popped up outta nowhere” blemish!!! The clear stick includes professional ingredients that will not only help clear your blemish quick,y, using salicylic acid and recorcinol, but without over drying the skin. It also includes ingredients that will help sooth the skin and natural skin lighteners and brighteners to prevent those post acne spots left behind.

You can’t ask for a better product that will cover all your acne needs at a super affordable price. Call quick to grab yours, this is something everyone in the family is going to want!

This month, purchase a “Lira Clear Stick” and receive $5 off an acne facial or acne peel! Call or text for product or to schedule an appointment 801.427.6895.


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