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Beauty of Plant Stem Cells

Plant Stem Cells

We love that our new product line contains, “Plant Stem Cells”. Sometimes when you see the term “Stem Cells” in the news, it often seems like a touchy subject that has polar opinions on each side. Therefore, at a cursory glance it may seem pretty shocking to see cosmetics companies actually advertising stem cells in their products. The truth is that the stem cells in anti-aging cosmetics have nothing to do with the stem cells that you hear about on the news; its just a simple case of confusing homophones. So, with Lira Clinical’s announcement that they are releasing new and improved products with all new plant stem cells, we plan on clearing up any looming misconceptions that are out there due the similar nomenclature.

First and foremost, lets straighten out the primary difference between stem cells in cosmetics and the stem cells that are talking points for political pundits. The stem cells found in cosmetics are extracted from plants, not from humans like the embryonic stem cells that are ethically dubious to some. In fact these plant stem cells are extracted from the stem of a plant, hence the “stem” in stem cells. Also, the “cells” they are referring to when they say “stem cells” are actually just extracts from these plant cells and not the living cells themselves.

In the epidermal layer of your skin there are several cells that are vital to the reparative and growth functions of your skin. The problem is that these vital cells are extremely vulnerable to external factors that you encounter every day. Plant stem cells, like the ones found in many of Lira Clinical’s lines of skin care, are proven to bolster the efforts of these reparative cells in order to preserve the collagen and elastin in your skin, as well as improve the production of these structural cells. These plant stem cells are also rich in antioxidants which, as we have discussed before, are extremely beneficial to your skin’s health.

Lira Clinical prides itself on the quality and variety of plants from which they extracts their plant stem cells. Here is a list of the exotic plants that Lira Clinical uses in their products:

  • Alpine Rose Stem Cell

  • Edelweiss Stem Cell

  • Grape Stem Cell

  • Sea Fennel Stem Cell

  • Swiss Apple Stem Cell

  • Echinacea Stem Cell

  • Lilac Stem Cell

  • Orange Stem Cell

And Lira Clinical has recently announced their release of new products featuring an even greater variety of plants from around the world that have proven effective in anti-aging effects. In the mean time, check out the amazing effects of plant stem cells from the various lines of Lira Clinical’s skin care products!


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