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Madonna Lily Plant Stem Cells-Lightening and Brightening the Skin

In our last post we discussed the amazing breakthroughs in plant stem-cell technology and the incredible effects these innovations can have on your complexion. It just so happens that earlier this month our product line, Lira Clinical announced a brand new plant stem-cell that they are excited to be adding to their extensive ingredients list. A historical symbol of purity due to its bright white color, as well as an active ingredient in many perfumes because of its enticing fragrance, the Madonna Lily is coveted for many reasons. Lira Clinical is proud to add this amazing plant to their impressive resume of plant stem cells included in their various lines of skin care products.

The Madonna Lily has been a featured in works of art from various cultures including the Romans and several countries in the Middle East. One look at the flower’s luxurious bloom and one can quickly understand why the flower was so popular. But looking past its glamorous exterior, the true beauty of this multifaceted plant lies within its cell walls.

The plant stem cells from the Madonna Lily help the vibrance and beauty of your skin in more ways than one. Firstly, the cells from the Madonna Lilly have been proven to interfere with your skin’s transfer of melanocytes to keratinocytes in the basal layer of your skin. What this basically means is that these stem cells interrupt the build-up of melanin in your skin, a process which, left uninterrupted, causes dark spots to form.

Not only do these stem cells have a natural defense to dark spots or splotches on your skin, they have also been proven to actively aide your skin in making new skin cells. Since your skin can often go through the ringer on a daily basis due to exposure to the sun and free radicals in the air, the creation of new skin cells is an extremely vital process in maintaining your skin’s healthy glow. The Madonna Lily boosts the regenerative function of your skin giving you a lighter skin tone and fighting the negative results of aging.

Lira Clinical prides themselves on the effectiveness of the exotic ingredients they have found from around the globe. The new addition of the Madonna Lily is a welcome addition to the already staggering list of plant stem cells that Lira Clinical uses. Check out Lira’s varied lines of products and see for yourself how effective these new plant stem-cells really are!


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