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BB, CC & DD Creams...The Beauty Alphabet...What's the difference??

Whenever you find yourself browsing a cosmetics store, it is very possible you may come across some products or ingredients you don’t recognize. There are tons of acronyms and confusing terms that may or may not mean anything which is why it is important to understand those terms that actually make a difference. You may have seen certain creams labeled “BB”, “CC”, and “DD” and wondered what they mean and why there is no “AA” cream. Hopefully we can clear up any further confusion with this breakdown of the alphabet creams.

BB Creams

BB or Beauty Balm creams are made to be a perfect mix of cosmetics and skin care. On one hand they even skin tone, blur fine lines, and act as a primer and on the other hand they hydrate your skin, control how oily your skin gets, provide antioxidant protection, and protect and repair your skin cells. On top of everything these amazing multipurpose creams also have SPF protection to prevent sun damage. These creams are the next generation in skin care and eliminate the need for multiple purchases of single-function cosmetics. Not only will they work better than your traditional creams, they will also save you sink space and eliminate clutter.

CC Creams

Although CC (Color Correcting) and BB creams are similar, they both serve a distinct purpose. CC creams are specifically designed to address any redness, puffiness, or discoloration in your skin. Lighter than BB creams, these CC creams are packed with plenty of vitamins to heal your skin and even its tone to make it more radiant than ever. It is similar to BB cream in that it controls the oiliness of your skin, provides plenty of hydration, and includes a broad SPF.

DD Creams

DD or “Dynamic Do-all” creams are the newest of the alphabet creams on the market today. Despite the rather ham-fisted attempt to keep with the alphabet trend, these creams are actually pretty great. They are said to combine both BB an CC creams into one but are mainly utilized for anti-aging purposes. Among some of the effects that the BB and CC creams bring to the table such as hydration, even skin tone, and protection from the sun, DD creams also decrease appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles as well as actively protecting sensitive areas of your skin.

The alphabet cosmetic craze is taking the industry by storm and the effects of the products speak for themselves. Check out Lira Clinical’s BB & SPF line where you can find the incredible BB Tint 30 with PSC as well as the BB Brite 30 with PSC, which can actually be considered a CC since it contains the ingredient arbutin, a skin lightening agent. Stop wasting your time and money on single purpose cosmetics and try the wonderfully multifaceted BB & SPF Line from Lira Clinical!


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